Enterprise Investment Scheme

Alice and Andrew Hall have created a luxury interior and homeware retail brand called Rowen Homes. They curate collections for customer’s to create their dream home, which has an ‘interior designed look’, without the expense of hiring a professional.

They have a physical presence, with a beautiful, newly opened retail store in the Metro Centre in the North East. However, their online presence is phenomenal and continues to grow. Their social media channels reach over 350 million people, which is enormously powerful for them. This reach is phenomenal for growing the brand and aiding online sales, which is done through the rowenhomes.com website. £10m of sales have been amassed in just two years of trading.

Kinetic Private Investments are immensely proud to have been able to support the growth of Rowen Homes, by providing our clients with an exclusive opportunity for EIS investment into the company. The team have a proven track record of success, which our clients have quickly recognised.

Should you be interested in supporting Rowen Homes and their future plans by making an EIS investment, please contact us for further information.

After a successful career in the financial services industry, Stella Smith (Pirkx CEO) was building a business with 64 self-employed therapists. She wanted to reward the team with the kind of benefits she had received when working in a large organisation, but could not find an affordable solution.

Large businesses often support the wellbeing of their full-time staff through ‘employee benefits’. By contrast, the ever-growing contingent workforce and employees of small to medium sized businesses are unnecessarily excluded.

Stella came up with the perfect solution and founded ‘Pirkx’. Pirkx uses technology to simplify wellbeing access for all. The benefits and services available include; 24/7 private GP, discounted gym membership, cashback on members’ weekly shop, as well as addressing serious wellbeing issues, such as mental health resilience coaching, counselling for everyone in the household over 16, virtual gym classes, digital physiotherapy, nutrition and health tips, budgeting, debt advice and more.

Kinetic Private Investments have supported Pirkx with their growth by providing our clients with an opportunity for EIS investment into the company. Our clients have recognised the good that the business does and have been keen to support.

Should you be interested in supporting Pirkx and their future plans by making an EIS investment, please contact us for further information

Inicio AI – “We believe the debt support process should be efficient, fair, and help avoid the shame people feel speaking to a human about their debts” Inicio AI CEO, Rachel Curtis.

Debt is impacting the lives of millions and debt collection is expensive and ineffective. Inicio AI has a revolutionary and disruptive debt care solution. Their unique AI agent logs income and expenditure items from chat in real-time, answers questions and even fills in the form, removing the burden of live calls, supervision and QA.

Rachel and the team at Inicio AI have taken advantage of the advances in Artificial Intelligence to create a powerful solution for customers, that helps them with their financial management. Something that the Kinetic team believe is vitally important for people in the current times.

We have supported Inicio AI in their fundraising as they look to scale and expand globally. If you are interested in making an EIS investment into the business, please contact us for more details.

Pelegrims is the brainchild of natural formulator, Alex Verier (previously Director at Haeckels), backed by former tech executive (and Sommelier trained) Jerome Moisan.

They have formulated a range of skincare products by using waste products from the wine making process and harnessing the powerful grape extracts of which the natural benefits have been well documented.

Pelegrims has received a swathe of accolades from multiple media channels. GQ magazine, The Times, The Dail Mail, The Telegraph, The Evening Standard and The Financial Times to name but a few. The Independent named Pelegrims as one of the best anti-ageing creams for men, in 2023.

Having met with them, Kinetic really like what the Pelegrims team were doing. The products are fantastic and their ethical and sustainable practices are something that we were greatly impressed with. With this being the case, we were happy to present an opportunity for our client base to support the growth of Pelegrims with SEIS and EIS investment.

If you would be interested in supporting Pelegrims with an EIS investment, please get in touch.